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Almost RtD

Mike and Marcie Campbell are the heads of Rock the Dogs, a wonderful organization that helps fund the Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund. Not long ago I sent a donation of some artwork for Rock the Dogs to use how they liked, if they wanted to use it. Haven’t heard anything, but, that’s their choice–I hope they got a kick out of the characters, anyway.  🙂

So this time, the characters are dogs, and here are Mike and Tom in a little “quotable” I made for the WeirdCrest site. I did two others, but I thought I would wait a while longer before showing them,just to avoid any clashing. I’m thinking there’s really no interest in using them, since their daughter does do a lot of their graphics, and my sending something in was certainly not to step on any toes. I just got inspired!

Music Food of Love.jpg


I also made shirts for Mike and Marcie. Here is Mike’s design, without its lettering.
Rock the Dogs Mike ink.jpg

The Dirty Knobs

I am still a fangirl at heart, and I love to give my idols gifts. From April to June 2017, I worked hard on getting together five t-shirt designs for Mike Campbell’s side band, The Dirty Knobs.

All Knobs Shirts 2018.jpg

As of this writing, they have been shipped and should arrive in the hands of Jason Sinay this week.
Who knows if they will ever wear them, but, I gave it a shot. They sure were fun to design!!



They not only got the shirts. but Jason posted this pic ON MY BIRTHDAY. What a prince!

Knobs with Shirts.jpg