The Other “Tom Shout-Out(s)”.

I think I feel the loss of Tom Petty more than ever today.
Because of what might have been.

When I was a teen, we got the fan club letter several times a year, and at first when I received it it was called Popular Defective. It was loaded with info, fun stuff, photos, and, short of waiting for magazines to come out with any little article, it was what I (and, I am sure, many others) doted on for info and updates, and pictures of the band.

I know I saved mine, and I can’t find them all for some reason. But I did find the most important one.


I received a total of four copies of this issue, because whoever was running the label making machine printed out four labels for me! So here are the first two:

popular defective me.jpg

The other two hilariously read, “Elizabeth”, and then it was as if someone just said, “Oh, Screw it,” and labeled it “Rock Fan.”

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Sketches: Three Mikes

I was stuck at the car dealership today; I pick up nails in my tires at a ridiculous rate. The repair shop was extremely backed up, so I had lots of time to sit and scribble.

Mike Crane Sketch 1
I haven’t drawn the Birds regularly in almost 30 years, so I practice them a lot now. The thing I actually screw up the most with drawing Mike is the shape of his bill; it should be long and sloping and pointed, but not heavy at all at the base. Here I made it a little too thick.
Mike Crane Sketch 2
This pic was inspired by a fairly recent photo of Mike apparently really enjoying a sudden rainstorm at an outdoor venue. Thankfully the band got offstage before anyone could get electrocuted.
Mike Crane Sketch 3
I read in an old interview from the 90s that Mike often needed a “fear nap” before gigs. Fear naps are very real and not to be laughed at. Hopefully, though, he doesn’t have to deal with that anymore.

Chuck T. Rooster, also known now as Tom, exists as a puppet.


Here is the handsome, gorgeous Chuck Rooster, one of my most beautiful puppets ever. And expensive!  His tail feathers totalled about $40 in 1989.

Chuck has the unique honor of being seen by Jim Henson and Frank Oz.

At the National Puppetry Festival held at MIT in Boston, 1989, Chuck performed at the infamous “Potpourri Night”, during which anyone can go up onstage and do anything(as long as it’s under five minutes). This was on the same day that I met Jim Henson and Frank Oz,who were attending the festival, and I was a nervous wreck to know that they were also in the audience this night, but at the same time, I hope I performed my very best for them.

To my credit, some spies I had in the audience, who were sitting near Jim and Frank, heard Jim turn to Frank and say, “She’s good. She’s really good.”
This performance is for Tom, for Jim, for Frank,and most of all, my loving husband, who after seeing this encouraged me to bring out the puppets again:

Vintage: Old animation class footage!

This is my beloved Mike Campbell crane doing a “takeoff” run. It was done nearly thirty years ago in Jim McLean ‘s animation class. It is very very rough and you can still see a hitch where I didn’t quite match it up at the end before it re-loops, but I think for a first try at complete straight ahead animation with no knowledge of inbetweens, it’s pretty darned good!

(it’s also a lot of fun to pause it to see my individual drawings)