Vintage Sketch: Lucky, Spike, and Otis

So here we have Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and Jeff Lynne in their birdie cartoonn personas: Lucky, Spike and Otis. This drawing may be from the early 90s.

Lucky Spike Otis 1

I’ll get a better pic of Spike going eventually, but at the time, George had a rather magnificent sometimes-spiked black mullet that was so very eighties and at the same time looked quite good on him. So while Lucky and Otis get their names from the Wilburys in their first incarnation (The album Vol. I), Spike’s name comes from the names they gave themselves on the second album(Vol. III). And he became a black cockatoo, with a spiked ‘do on top.
Jeff Lynne was very difficult to peg; his head was, and still always is, sort of a big mass of bushy hair with sunglasses and a nose peeking out of it. But the more I looked at that nose, the more I kept thinking of a duck’s bill. So he became a bushy-headed duck. hey, there are ornamental breeds of all kinds of domestic waterfowl–I am sure there’s gotta be something that looks like this!  😀
Lucky I simply modeled on those big, bad-attitude farm roosters that you see in every farmyard that will attack you if you get too close.



Sketches: Three Mikes

I was stuck at the car dealership today; I pick up nails in my tires at a ridiculous rate. The repair shop was extremely backed up, so I had lots of time to sit and scribble.

Mike Crane Sketch 1
I haven’t drawn the Birds regularly in almost 30 years, so I practice them a lot now. The thing I actually screw up the most with drawing Mike is the shape of his bill; it should be long and sloping and pointed, but not heavy at all at the base. Here I made it a little too thick.
Mike Crane Sketch 2
This pic was inspired by a fairly recent photo of Mike apparently really enjoying a sudden rainstorm at an outdoor venue. Thankfully the band got offstage before anyone could get electrocuted.
Mike Crane Sketch 3
I read in an old interview from the 90s that Mike often needed a “fear nap” before gigs. Fear naps are very real and not to be laughed at. Hopefully, though, he doesn’t have to deal with that anymore.