The Rooster and the Grouch.

Did you know that Chuck T. Rooster once met Oscar the Grouch, and Oscar said he was a “good looking turkey”?

Well, it happened!

Chucka nd Oscar

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Chuck T. Rooster, also known now as Tom, exists as a puppet.


Here is the handsome, gorgeous Chuck Rooster, one of my most beautiful puppets ever. And expensive!  His tail feathers totalled about $40 in 1989.

Chuck has the unique honor of being seen by Jim Henson and Frank Oz.

At the National Puppetry Festival held at MIT in Boston, 1989, Chuck performed at the infamous “Potpourri Night”, during which anyone can go up onstage and do anything(as long as it’s under five minutes). This was on the same day that I met Jim Henson and Frank Oz,who were attending the festival, and I was a nervous wreck to know that they were also in the audience this night, but at the same time, I hope I performed my very best for them.

To my credit, some spies I had in the audience, who were sitting near Jim and Frank, heard Jim turn to Frank and say, “She’s good. She’s really good.”
This performance is for Tom, for Jim, for Frank,and most of all, my loving husband, who after seeing this encouraged me to bring out the puppets again: