Happy Birthday, Bekah!

My pal from high school, Rebekah, or Bekah as most people call her, has seen it all, regarding me and my creative endeavors. And she was there at the beginning when the ‘Birds first came along. I scribbled lots of little drawings for her in notebooks we passed back and forth in school, and on letters we sent all through college.

Chuck Mike Bekah Bday 18.jpg

We’ve been Tom Petty fans together through all the ins and outs and ups and downs, losses of band members and additions of new ones, good albums,sad songs, you name it.  So if there’s anyone else on the planet who knows the ‘Birds really well, it’s her. Happy Birthday, dear friend, from our Little Red Rooster and Big Shy Bird(Who I also switched back to his original beak and foot coloring).


Here’s Bekah and me on a trip to Panama City Beach with her family. I have just gotten Chuck Rooster airbrushed on a shirt, which I am wearing!


Vintage Early Cartoon: Wrong Idiot!

Did you know that Betty’s Bodacious Birds went to college? They sure did! In 1992, I got to have some cartoons published in the newspaper at Georgia State. I had to really, really squeeze everything together to get in there, but I have learned a good bit more about laying stuff out since then. Enjoy my very green, but hopefully funny,efforts.
This shows Chuck T. and Mike in their dorm room! Oddly enough, I don’t see any guitars.

Wrong idiot.jpg

(notice Chuck T. is holding the phone receiver upside down…I also don’t know where Mike’s legs are; I should have drawn them hanging way out the end of the bed. )

Sketches: Three Mikes

I was stuck at the car dealership today; I pick up nails in my tires at a ridiculous rate. The repair shop was extremely backed up, so I had lots of time to sit and scribble.

Mike Crane Sketch 1
I haven’t drawn the Birds regularly in almost 30 years, so I practice them a lot now. The thing I actually screw up the most with drawing Mike is the shape of his bill; it should be long and sloping and pointed, but not heavy at all at the base. Here I made it a little too thick.
Mike Crane Sketch 2
This pic was inspired by a fairly recent photo of Mike apparently really enjoying a sudden rainstorm at an outdoor venue. Thankfully the band got offstage before anyone could get electrocuted.
Mike Crane Sketch 3
I read in an old interview from the 90s that Mike often needed a “fear nap” before gigs. Fear naps are very real and not to be laughed at. Hopefully, though, he doesn’t have to deal with that anymore.

Vintage: Old animation class footage!

This is my beloved Mike Campbell crane doing a “takeoff” run. It was done nearly thirty years ago in Jim McLean ‘s animation class. It is very very rough and you can still see a hitch where I didn’t quite match it up at the end before it re-loops, but I think for a first try at complete straight ahead animation with no knowledge of inbetweens, it’s pretty darned good!

(it’s also a lot of fun to pause it to see my individual drawings)