Old Newspaper Cartoon: Chuck T. Rooster, not focused on college.

Why on earth I had the dumb idea to put the ‘Birds in college, I have no idea. But there you go. Chuck’s not real focused on his lessons, but on what to do after class.

I guess I tried to make my cartoon relatable to readers at the time.

There was no set model for Lucille, but her name does come from the character Ellen Barkin played in the movieĀ Made in Heaven, in which she appears with Tom in his amazing cameo.

Old Clippings4


Vintage Early Cartoon: Wrong Idiot!

Did you know that Betty’s Bodacious Birds went to college? They sure did! In 1992, I got to have some cartoons published in the newspaper at Georgia State. I had to really, really squeeze everything together to get in there, but I have learned a good bit more about laying stuff out since then. Enjoy my very green, but hopefully funny,efforts.
This shows Chuck T. and Mike in their dorm room! Oddly enough, I don’t see any guitars.

Wrong idiot.jpg

(notice Chuck T. is holding the phone receiver upside down…I also don’t know where Mike’s legs are; I should have drawn them hanging way out the end of the bed. )