Vintage Cartoon: Baseball Accident.

In college, when my mind wandered in class,I would often draw my ‘Birds.

Baseball Accident.jpg

Chuck T., Otis, and Spike ponder what to do after a baseball mishap.


Inaugural Post! The Head Toss.

This is the first cartoon I tried to do with some sort of format; I was in a hurry so i just threw what was in my sketchbook straight into a frame and called it a day.
The backstory on this cartoon is something funny that Mike does in the Heartbreakers’ “Letting You Go” video…it’s a little toss of his head that you can tell he’s doing to be funny, trying to look all rock-god-like. The others are amused by it, too. You can watch it at the link down below. I was also still calling them “Betty’s Birds”, but I discovered that was a wedding products site or something.

Head toss.jpg

To see the actual head toss, wait for the line “you’re by the fire, keepin’ warm and dry”. 🙂