Sketches: Three Mikes

I was stuck at the car dealership today; I pick up nails in my tires at a ridiculous rate. The repair shop was extremely backed up, so I had lots of time to sit and scribble.

Mike Crane Sketch 1
I haven’t drawn the Birds regularly in almost 30 years, so I practice them a lot now. The thing I actually screw up the most with drawing Mike is the shape of his bill; it should be long and sloping and pointed, but not heavy at all at the base. Here I made it a little too thick.
Mike Crane Sketch 2
This pic was inspired by a fairly recent photo of Mike apparently really enjoying a sudden rainstorm at an outdoor venue. Thankfully the band got offstage before anyone could get electrocuted.
Mike Crane Sketch 3
I read in an old interview from the 90s that Mike often needed a “fear nap” before gigs. Fear naps are very real and not to be laughed at. Hopefully, though, he doesn’t have to deal with that anymore.

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